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The Tea Board India is an Indian Government-controlled organization that regulates the Indian trade in tea.

It was established by the enactment of the Tea Act in 1953 with its headquarters in Calcutta (now Kolkata). It is headed by the chairman Mr. Basudev Banerjee and separated into Standing Committees referred to as the Executive Committee, the Development Committee, the Labour Welfare Committee and the Export Promotion Committee.

The Tea Board India is responsible for the assignment of certification numbers to exports of certain tea merchants. This certification is intended to ensure the teas’ origin, which in turn would reduce the amount of fraudulent labeling on rare teas such as ones harvested in Darjeeling. The excessive amounts of ‘faux’ Darjeeling tea sold on the global market relates in stark opposition to the fraction of exporters which are licensed by the Tea Board India as legitimate traders of this region.

The Tea Board India’s tasks include endorsement of the diverse production and productivity of tea, financial support of research organizations and the monitoring of advances in tea packaging as it relates to health beneficial aspects.

It coordinates research institutes, the tea trade and government bodies, ensuring the technical support of the tea trade in the global industry.

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